S01 Chapter 2

Karma, Vilnius citizens, and never say never

My acquaintance was mocking at my classmate Nicky by calling her Dicky. Now his wife is Nicky. Karma has a good sense of humor, although sometimes the unlucky ones, who are deservedly made fun by her, calls her a bitch.

All the citizens of Vilnius believe in karma, and karma points have long time ago become a currency, by which is not only being said thank you for sharing on Facebook but sometimes it is being tried to purchase some services. Here my friend Paula, freelance marketing specialist, mother of two children, told me, that she was offered to be paid – 1000 karma points for creating a social media communication plan. ‘Then I offered him to pay by karma points in a shopping center or to pay off a college loan’ – said Paula.

Saulė met her karma in a shape of mysterious, muscular, and handsome man. One of the biggest disadvantages of her ex, according to Saulė, was his love to computer games. He was reserved, didn’t like to party, or dinners at friends or being at somebody’s else home in general.  After the divorce, Saulė was dreaming about a man, that would love all these things the same way as she did. And in one bar at the Vokiečių street she met Grėjus. It is not his real name but Saulė called him like that because of the character similarities to the hero of the terribly lame movie about the fifty shades.

Grėjus was that party animal with a suit and tie, polite, charming, rich, loved to communicate but was terribly avoiding to talk about himself, therefore Saulė knew only one thing about him, that he has his own apartment in the old town because she’s slept there the very first night of their friendship. To her Grėjus seemed charming with his mystery, to me – having big relationship problems. Beatričė thought that Saulė needs nice adventure now like never before, and Grėjus was perfect for the role.

The relationship was passionate but very short, yet in a some way it has changed Saulė. She – an architect, unable to write even two sentences, suddenly wrote a poem to Grėjus after he didn’t reply to her latest messages.  He didn’t reply to her poem too, and the messages after the poem.

I was always mocking from the people, who put their fingers to the fire themselves, and later squeal then it burns. I’m terribly annoyed by the movies where a group of friends see dead bodies nailed on the trees, while going to the hut in the woods, but still going there. Until I was awaken by the call at 2 am. It was Beatričė, said that I have to come to her immediately, no questions asked.

Straightway I went up, for a minute jealousy watched my sleeping husband, and then thrown on a coat on my pyjamas, jumped in my uggs and drove away the car from the yard. While going, a question arose, it caused a big interest and the horror at the same time. I am a person that has a plan B and C but Beatričė is a person that has plans for all the alphabet, she starts planning holiday 5 years ahead. Beatričė is never spontaneous and none the less calls at night asking to come. I can guarantee – she put her self in a problem or she took the revenge plan and has poisoned her ex, who always burned her brain cells as she was saying by herself.

‘I would drink some red wine with him, would spill in some castor oil to his glass and later would watch him dying slowly. I’m so romantic, am I not?’ said Beatričė by poking to my side.  Looked so self confident and laughed at my confused face. Although, if you think better, a lot of people have some fantasies of the revenge: the more passionate was the love, the more horrible the scenario of killing the love.

While driving I span the images how I enter in Beatričė’s apartment, I see a corpse rolled in the trash bags. And Beatričė with boots and latex gloves from work, saying, that we are going to get rid of it. Fuck, Beatričė, we are going to get caught before we even take it out from home. And how to bring it out? To put on the shoulders and to pretend we’re dragging a drunk friend? To throw away through the window and to gather it downstairs? To roll it up in a carpet?

And later, how properly hide the corpse? After all, I don’t have any experience in this kind of business and I’ve seen the dead body only in the funeral. In the TV series Breaking bad they’ve spilled the acid and dissolve it in the bathtub, but where do we get the acid? Although Beatričė – surgeon, probably gonna know. And if we are going to take it somewhere, how are we going to carry him: in a trunk, but if police going to stop us – we’re dead, or to sit it on the back seat, fasten the seat belt and it would look like a drunk sleeping passenger?

I’d already seen tomorrow’s news headlines: ‘The best journalist award holder S.V. was hiding the corpse, get know who is he’. Wonderful, Beatričė, just wonderful, – we’ll get famous as nowadays Thelma and Louise.

If I have known, that my career will end up like this – I wouldn’t even have started. Would become successful brood-hen, spinning in the home life and taking care of children, maybe wouldn’t reach anything in my life, but at least wouldn’t have surgeon friends, that slaughter the ex. Although I wouldn’t have any friends except other hens with whom we’d cluck about cooking non stop. Why is it not a dream life comparing with corpse’s hiding and prison perspective?

I turned in the yard, ran to the stairway quickly, entered door code. Didn’t wait for the elevator, at a run scooted stairs up. The door of the apartment was slightly opened, I smelled urine, Beatričė wasn’t in the living room but I heard running water in the bathroom. ‘Here you go, she’s dissolving her peed-himself ex in the bathtub’, – flashed a thought. I silently sneaked to the bathroom,  half-opened the door – on the floor sat Beatričė, and in the bathtub I saw a puppy.

‘Sandra, I swear – I’ve lost my mind, I’ve found him in the container few hours ago and took him home, he already peed the whole apartment, do you feel the smell here? What am I supposed to do with him? Here you go, be more spontaneous, be more spontaneous, – put it in your ass that spontaneity! I need a plan, would be better – five plans, how do I gonna raise this creature’, with her always calm so far as nervous tone lectured Beatričė.

I was caught by hysterical laughter. I met my karma not because I was going to the danger, I met my karma because I said that only the fools make conclusions in advance or solves the problems, which do not even exist yet. Whilst myself – I made a whole murder scenario in my head.

‘I said, that dog raisers are idiots. Wake up in the morning earlier to walk the dog, in the evening the same –  want it or not you have to go. Is it snowstorm, hurricane or the earthquake in Japan, you know, you live by the dog’s rhythm. Isn’t it a stupidity? But maybe it’s my karma? – looked questionably Beatričė.

‘Beatričė, you know, all the way here I thought that you’ve poisoned that asshole and we’ll hide the corpse. After all, I think we can handle the dog’, – I said, and all of a sudden to my self and even more to Beatričė, I hugged her.

I know you love me. Hugs and best wishes.

Sandra Vilimaite


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